My name is Martina Flor, I’m a lettering designer and author, and I’m thrilled to introduce The Lettering Seminar. This is the most comprehensive workshop I've taught so far. Join me!

This seminar happens entirely online over several weeks, and content will be delivered to you every other day. Aside from videos, you’ll have access to practice sheets, exclusive resources, notes and exercises.

Also: You won’t be alone. You’ll interact with others, exchanging ideas and materials, and getting feedback. Sign up below to find out first when the seminar is open for enrollment.

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If you’re a designer, illustrator or maker, this seminar will give you a broad understanding of the world of lettering and offer you the concepts, theory, techniques and tools to understand why you’re making what you’re making. After this seminar, you’ll approach creating letters in a brand new way. I look forward to welcoming you to The Lettering Seminar.

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